Sewing a wardrobe in a week...

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hello friends! Is Spring reviving your soul lately? It is mine for sure. I've been in such a giddy mood lately that I've spent far too much money on fabric, but who's keeping track? Shhhhh....

I've been completely enamored with Art Gallery Voile, the hand and drape is superb and it feels silky against the skin. The top above is made with Bari J. "Emmy Grace" fabric, isn't it exquisite? The sewing pattern is from Sew Liberated, it's called the "Schoolhouse Tunic", and it came together quickly. The only thing I changed was the placket. I took out the top stitching and fused a double sided fusible interfacing instead, so that there isn't a placket stitched from the top. I would have left it be, but I didn't have the right color thread for the stitching to show, and reallllly didn't want to take another trip to Joann's--ya know? I also had to hem it an extra 1/2" because I'm on the short side. The pattern is super easy to understand, so go for it if you fancy!

I'm leaving out pictures of a dress I made from a Big Name pattern company, because friends, honestly---your eyes don't need to see that hot mess. I made a size 10 as measurements indicated, but it looks like a made a size 22. I don't pretend to understand what happened....Maybe I was abducted by aliens for a few hours and they had a go at stitching it. Maybe I was hallucinating because of my self-induced sugar high (thanks a lot Skittles).....Maybe it was Sherlock Holmes playing on the tele, I mean, how can you NOT get sucked into that show? It's the bomb!

I do realize these are all excuses, but they're good ones, right? You've been there, right? (!!!!)

So let's skip to the wrap skirt, because that turned out nicely.

This is the pattern I bought from a lady on Etsy, Love Jill. I've tweaked it more and more each time I sew it, and it's nearly perfect now. I'm going to trim the yoke just a half inch or so more, and then I think it will fit as I like it. Such a great design, especially as it's two skirts in one (reversible). Because of the wrap nature, it's adjustable for those days of voraciously eating Twinkies and what not....not that I EVER do that... ....

Have you heard of the blog Sew Straight and Gather ? Terri is an amazing sewer and pattern designer. She's launched several patterns already, even though she's pretty new to the whole process, which is super inspiring! Anyways, I tested the Causu Gauchos and Trouser pattern for her (along with MANY many other testers)---and I have to say, it's awesome. Totally awesome.
Easy to understand, easy to sew, quick (less then an hour and a half)---and yet manages to have details that set it apart from other patterns. I'll be making more of these babies for sure.  Well done Terri!

This top is pull-on ready, even though it's from a woven double gauze fabric. This double gauze stuff is amazing--I don't know why I haven't sewn with it sooner! These stripes have been all over blog land lately, the fabric is part of Cotton and Steel's "Ephemera" line. I wanted the mint, pink, and mustard color way but friends, let me break it down---if I wear mustard people ask me if I'm ill  ALL DAY LONG.  I can't do it. So when this peach and navy color way arrived I was very pleased to see it works for me. The wide stripes add a modern edge and the Japanese writing is icing on the cake. 

The sewing pattern is "See and Sew B6157".  Next time I'll make a smaller size and do a FBA (full bust adjustment) because it is rather boxy....But, not a lost cause. ;)  Pattern fitting is a real challenge, at least for me, so I bought Nancy Zieman's Pattern Fitting with Confidence the other day. Let's hope it's written for a self-taught sewer. I'll keep you posted.

To round out the week, I finished three Mission Maxi dresses (pattern by Jamie Christina)-- but it's too cold to model those. I bought some really gorgeous knits at Joann's and they sewed up nicely and more importantly-quickly. There is a 20% off your total purchase at Joann's THIS weekend (ends Sunday night).

What are you working on? Are you on Instagram? I've found it really fun interacting with a lot of the bloggers out there in the creative world, so leave me your IG name if you want a follow. <3 hungryhippie.="" m="" nbsp="" p="">

See you soon--get making!

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness is the designer behind this fabric line, FANTASIA. She was so generous and kind to send me a bundle of fat quarters, I was truly so grateful. I had to dive in immediately upon opening the parcel. 

I mean-it was like winning on those scratch Lotto cards, ya know? (But better.) I won $45 once off a scratch card and thought my year was made. LOL 

I just adore the color palette of this line, it's cheerful and pretty and has pOps of bright colors. There are modern twists worked in (the stripes hello love!) and yet a distinct 70's vibe to me, with the large flower designs. And let's not forget the sweet sort-of calico feeling with the tiny flower fabrics, I adore those so much!!! It all works, I don't know how she does it.

It's made me reflect on the designing process so much, to be honest. It must be instinctual, a feeling of "knowing". That's all I can think of, just like when I combine different colors and fabrics together, I just "know" if it works or not, there is no real method. 

What do you think? Could you teach this process if somebody asked you to? 

I sewed simple 8 1/2" squares throughout so the fabric could sing. 

I took the remaining remnants and chopped cut them into 2" binding strips, sewed those together and used my handy Simplicity binding machine to create a patchwork binding. I usually straight stitch the binding on, but this time I did a tight zig zag stitch so there is extra strength, as I can see my girls fighting over this! LOL  They are both Unicorn crazy. Well, so am I actually....but never mind. 

We're having a snowfall today, and though I was shocked at first when I woke, now I'm reveling in the light and the quietness of it all. There is something inherently peaceful about a fresh snowfall.

The backing is a soft gray flowery fabric I bought at Joanns on the latest sale, I think 4 yards cost me $10 or something, it was an incredible sale.

The pink light is when my Dad walked into the "studio" and flipped on those ghastly tungsten lights--ewe.  The "studio" is actually a barn, so don't let me fool you into thinking I've got a set up.  I love barns yo! Space. Now if only he'd let me paint it all white inside!!

The quilt is stippled throughout, which I do on my Bernina 1008, a no frills basic workhorse sewing machine. I am asked so often on what machine to buy for new sewers, and I always answer "no bells, no whistles, non computerized Bernina".......I think it's like buying a car, you can add all the frills, but in the end you mostly use it for one thing- to get somewhere. To get something done.

But that's just my opinion. :0)

Pop over to Sara's blog and have a look at her work, she does everything, including enabling you to find the best deals on fabric! :D Every Friday she does a post called "The Fabric Enabler" and it's brill. Perhaps mean to my pocket book, but you can't have everything you know....

I'm off to knit these chunky scarves today, as clearly I'll be needing them a bit longer. 
Mother Nature you are a funny one. 

Oh, and before I forget, I'm starting to load pics again on Flickr. I left it for a long time, but there is so much brilliant inspiration on there that I think it would be a disservice to myself if I ignored it. LOLOLOL That's my reasoning, go with it.

If you're on Flickr let me know so I can follow you! :D

Cheers friends, have a wonder filled week.

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Essential Oils Case Sewing pattern release

Saturday, March 21, 2015

I launched this travel case for carrying essential oils last week. It's written for the confident beginner, and has been tested by sewers of all skill levels. You can find it in my etsy shop.

Each step is written out complete with pictures. 

Several friends have tested the actual case out for me, and all of them have said it works for varying size glass bottles that oils come in. It's double padded too, so even if it gets squished in your purse or bag, the bottles should be alright. I mean, not if an elephant is sitting on them, but you know, common sense. ;)

In other news, I have a "real" job again, and things are so busy! We're trying to buy a historic home and it's proving to be time consuming and nitty picky---being a grown up stinks sometimes, ya know? Oh well. Sometimes it's great-like when I finished my taxes (ewe!) and proceeded to binge eat Hostess Ding Dongs to soothe my soul.
It worked.

I have lots of pictures to catch up on here-hopefully soon things settle down soon. I'm SO HAPPY Spring is here!! 

See you soon!

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