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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

You guys.


I'm f'ing H O T in this 90 F degree house.
And by "fing" I mean fudging--hot---because fudge is so ... ..  hot.

But I'm a true Hippie, so I'll carry on with open windows and fresh air....and the feeling of wanting to slap attack anyone who makes me cross. Because it's kinda like being "hangry"--you know that madness that comes over you when you're super hungry? Only it's hot angry not hungry angry--and they're both bears.

 I don't know about you, but I can deal with cold, But put me in the desert and I want to die. Now.

But let me stop complaining and look at the bright side--I'm burning calories trying to cool my body down, right?  errrm...riiight?
Except eating a pint (or two) of ice cream to "cool down" doesn't probably help, does it? LOL


It's been a while, so I should share some updates. Actually I probably shouldn't because some are hideous embarrassments that should be forgotten......  But I can't help myself, if I think it's funny, I just assume you will too!

First up, I painted my sewing room (only two walls-don't faint)--P I N K. Like, super DUPER intensley pinky- pink. In my defense, it was called "Cotton Candy Pink" which is known for being light and fluffy and pastel-ish pink. 


I pouted. I got pissy. A few f bombs took flight. 

Ok, maybe more than a few. Ssshhhh Let's not talk about that.

It was a little crazy, that pink......even for me.
And that's really saying something.

Skip forward 10 hrs....

 I decided to paint over it with Annie Sloan's Antoinette chalk paint, which is a lovely, soft, pastel-ish pink with a hint of brown so it's not overly sweet. (That's what Annie says on her YouTube channel).

I hated it.

I mean I was really r e a l l y repulsed by how it appeared with the woodwork. It was so bad I think I went catatonic staring at it for a few hours, no joke.  I was totally paralyzed with this thought of "what did I just do?!"  I may have cried like a big baby, but I'm not admitting that because I've blocked the memory already and can't recall exactly what happened. 
As you do.

So naturally, I went to bed at midnight or so, after a few cups of gin and tonic green tea, and woke at 5am and started to paint over it with a mixology of white and pink that I blended myself. 
In a bucket I found in the basement. 

Without cleaning it out. 

There is no limit to what I think I can do---in a bad way.  BAHAHAHAHAHA

Did I mention I can be really impatient? You know what I mean too, right? I want my sh*t in place you know?!! I've wanted pink walls for my WHOLE entire life and damn it -- I will have THEM!

*I'm not shouting, you understand, I'm emphasiZing.
Another few hours went by while I let this coat semi-dry. Insert another gin and tonic green tea or two to soothe my soul, and a silent pep talk in my head.

 Back to painting the walls again with clean paint, in a clean bucket,  mixed to be a little paler than the third time round, and a lot paler than the bubblegum madness that happened the first time--but I've blocked it, so I don't recall exactly what happened....You understand.

Anyways, now-- three plus weeks later and a few bottles of Meditative Bubbly gone, my walls are white again.
I'm so ashamed. But--not.  I gave it a reallllllly good "go". 

I'm thinking perhaps this means I have to build a garden shed and paint it all pink, I'm talking even the outside. Maybe this means my front door needs to be pink. Or something.

You know how Oprah has that excerpt at the end of each issue of her magazine "What I know for sure"....  (I love that page..)
What I know for sure is house decorating/painting induces certain madness when the hue isn't quite right. Therefore for the sake of humanity, I surrender. 

My sister in law comes to visit in 2 days and she's impossibly chic, so maybe I'll just have her pick it up where I left it. LOL

Since this blog is a sewing space, here are some pics of a skirt wardrobe I'm working on, since I don't "do" shorts. (Ewe gross. Just the thought of shorts makes me have a wedgie and thigh sweat.)

Here is a pic of a painting I bought at a recent art fair in Madison, it brightens up my white walls. The photo is one I took at Framlingham Castle in Suffolk. 

This bowl was made by a High School student, I picked it up as soon as I saw it, handmade pottery. I am so drawn to this color. Always.

The pink stone is quartz, we bought a bunch of "gems" at our recent Cave of the Mounds visit. There is something therapeutic in having pretty stones lying about. 

See you soon. ;)
You wear your scuba gear in the tub too, right? :D

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Mason Jar mini quilt
Pattern by Lori Holt of "Its Sew Emma" and Farm Girl Vintage

I've started to sew again, realizing that my sanity and happiness are more important than the pressure of finishing up the house remodeling. It can wait.
I'm so ready to give the house the middle finger.

I'm having lots of thoughts lately about which direction to go. I know my pattern designing will continue-but the actual "making" of items people can buy? Probably not.

Time is money they say. My friend Sonia in TX says money is power. She has a point.

I was talking with an awesome human the other day, I tell her things I wouldn't tell my diary. 

Anyways, I said "I could live in a trailer or motor home for the rest of my life". 

   And I mean that.

Just think--wouldn't it be super fun to have a "non-stationary, mobile" business? I'm talking sewing on the road-then pop up a stand and sell that shiz for fast cash, and move along to the next stop. I want to see the Big Sur highway. Glacier Park. Nantucket. Arizona cactus land. The Bayou. And then put my trailer on an aircraft carrier with Tom Cruise flying his F18 (for eye candy purposes only of course,) and scoot over to Europe/Asia/Australia and resume! It could TOTALLY HAPPEN.  

Happy thoughts happy thoughts happy thoughts happy thoughts. This is my dream space, thanks for listening while I ramble.

On to some works in progress pics.

I'm making some quilts for me, since I've only ever kept one. 
This pattern was in Quilty Magazine Winter 2012. I've had it marked "to do" since then. I never said I was fast....
This will be my Math Facts quilt, since I stopped liking math in 6th grade. Lay off me, I discovered boys in 7th grade and all hell broke loose. Totally regret it. LOL  

And I'm FINALLY diving into this gloriously happy fun book by Lori Holt:

You can pick up a copy at the Fat Quarter Shop online. ;)

Here are some of the blocks I've completed so far:
(I apologize for my phone photos, it's all I can manage at the moment.)

And just so ya know--this is the HAPPIEST quilting book you could possibly buy. Ever.In the history of the world. So go buy it now. OK?!

In closing this short little post, if you have more ideas on a non-stationary/mobile business model, shout at me. Never know would could happen when you have great expectations.

See ya soon.

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Amidst the madness of moving across an ocean, finding employment, enrolling in schools, and keeping our sh*t together, there is the calmness in knowing "it will all be alright".

Another day has sprung.

In a year, will any of these worries really matter? Maybe one, maybe none.
Will it really matter if there are boxes still unpacked in the basement, waiting to be explored? Will it matter what visitors think when they walk through my mismatched, hodgepodge decorating? No. I heard a saying once that I just adore-- "If they mind, they don't matter; and if they matter, they don't mind."

But still, that restless feeling is underlying. It lurks there, like a silent elephant in the room. "Clean. Organize. Sort. Move this piece of furniture 45 times."

You know?

So I think it's time to quilt. You agree right?

It's so easy to think "I have too much stuff" when you're in the middle of a move. But once it's in place again, there is such a soothing that happens. Stuff. There is magic in it you know.

Do you know how happy this makeup case makes me every single day? I made it to match my "no-wash" dry shampoo. Yup, for realz.

Have you tried that stuff? It's magical! Dry shampoo gives body and lift to my straight-as-an-arrow hair. You say you want "bed head"?? This will do it! Without the hassle of flinging yourself around the duvet every morning! Or putting your head out the car window for some wind action! Or tangling your fingers up in your tresses every morning coaxing those hairs to lift a bit!

Oh,----- you don't do that?
Never mind.

We have about three humungous boxes of stuff ready to donate now, things that don't "bring me joy".  *** The KonMari Method.
This could be a reason I sell my quilts. I don't need 587 quilts in this shizzle, ya know? A bit of dosh for doing what I love = life that makes sense.   (And cents.)

And if I EVER give you a quilt, know that you MUST be one of my favorite people in the world...
Because that hardly EVER happens.     hahaha

Yellow cheers me.  What colors make your tummy flip?

Quilting burns loads of calories too, and only a homemade whoopie pie will do.
(Nod head in total agreement or prepare to be kicked in the shin.)
Just teasing.                   (not)

 Mine are reversed because I like to be different. I think they are usually chocolate cookie part and white middle frosting bit..... but then, I get a lot of things reversed, so don't hold me to it.  

Speaking about whoopie pies, I always thought when watching Sister Act (the film) that Whoopie Goldberg had THE BEST NAME EVER on the face of planet Earth. I was so upset when I found out she was born a Caryn.    lololol     
I like the name "Cookie" too-my friend D girl has a bestie with that name and I just LOVE it! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

What name would you have if you had to be a food name?
I wonder these things, you see....

Time for me to fly, and let's me honest-you need to get up off that 'puter and get to it.



I <3 p="" u="">

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