Family Trip to Downton Abbey-- Highclere Castle, Quilting Alice in Wonderland, & a DMX inspired heat pack

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

We did it, I booked the tickets back in February picking the weekend after school let out to go.

It's a 2 1/2 hr drive away from our home, but we did Whitby which was 4 hours away-so I thought we were golden.

We weren't.

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but this was one trip I could've skipped. No pictures are allowed in the house, which is a let down--I mean it's a S E T......for like--the whole world, ya know? We allll see it on TV so what's the deal? Oh---I know what the deal is, a "guide book" that's only 9.50 Sterling-- (about $20).

It was also way over crowded, which I did not expect since the tickets are timed and were supposedly "exclusive" and limited. Why there was a ticket booth selling more tickets on the day of then? Oh yeah--more money to be made. Never mind.

You can imagine my husband's face the entire day:

My girls who are usually very interested in everything were like this (at best):

The Egyptian exhibit was cool, but when you hail from America the museums and exhibitions seem a bit lacking. (I'm sorry! I'm not being uppity, but I lived in Washington D.C so my expectations are so HIGH!)

Lord Carnarvon was the one who sponsored Howard Carter in the finding of King Tutankhamun's glorious burial chambers in Egypt. He was absolutely instrumental in the finding of this pharaoh's grave, and was immensely interested in Egyptology as well.  We liked the exhibit, but it could have been so much better.

So, these are the best pictures I took, as most of the time I was forbidden to get out my camera. All in all I'm glad I got to see it, see the house, read the history, and experience the gardens and grounds. But a quick tip---don't buy the cappuccinos or coffee! Ewwe.

Here's a sample of the drive experience: warning! This could possibly deter you from childbearing.

At least I was able to stitch in the car on the drive down. I made this lavender pack for my friend, as she gave me so much lovely Norfolk Lavender the other day. I filled the pack with lentils and lavender, and sewed the outer pack with European Linen. I then stitched a bit of DMX lyrics on the front, because I think it's hilarious.... Truth is hilarious. 

I basically copied a heat pack I was given my my friend Heather a few years ago, mine has a lovely purple velvet on the back. I love this thing! I take it to bed every night. Seriously. The smell relaxes my frenzy, plus I think it keeps spiders away. LOL

To finish things off, I'm posting pics of a quilt I made for a friend. She gave me these Alice in Wonderland  tea towels to incorporate into the quilt. I decided (after messing up the first tea towel by cutting it) that I would simply piece around the towels with mixtures of linen and cotton giving it a vintage look. I like it, and it's quite huge--so I think it will be lovely to throw over whilst reading or something lovely like that.... Picture it darlings. ;)

It's a bit juxtapose of a modern style in the shape but yet vintagey in the look of the fabrics. I hope she's cool with it, I will die if not. 

I'm being a bit dramatic today. I blame the heat, I blame the bugs that ate all my crops of Kale, and I blame PMS. Deal with it.

What are you working on? Or are you too busy with life to worry about blogging right now? I know the feeling! I appreciate every person who stops by here, I just wanted to say that again. We all have busy lives, busy busy when you comment even a word, I am grateful. I consider everyone who stops by a friend, whether we've met in person or not. 

Here's to a summer filled with the glory of every day life. Because it is pretty wonderful actually. 


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